A Reputation for Compassionate Customer Engagement

Phillips & Cohen Associates Ltd. was established in the United States in 1997 and has expanded internationally building a reputation as a responsible and trusted partner to creditors around the globe. Our global group includes our office in Manchester, UK, Melbourne Australia, Quebec Canada, Madrid Spain, and three offices in the United States including a dedicated analytics centre.

Our business has achieved national and international prominence by providing highly effective financial recovery services built around a uniquely compassionate style of customer engagement.

The Phillips & Cohen Associates (Ireland), Ltd. team is sensitive to the value of our partners’ brands and understands the sensitivity associated with highly specialised services.  With clients ranging from mid-sized firms to leading national and international creditor and banking institutions, we serve the consumer credit, banking, and finance markets, as well as specialised industries including home shopping, utility, telecoms, debt purchase, local and central government.

Our experienced management team understands the legal process and the evolving statutes that govern our industry.  We play leadership roles in our industry’s principle trade groups in both the UK and internationally, and we continually set new standards for technological and service innovation.

About Phillips & Cohen Associates